Tweets for badgers. Helping badgers has never been easier

Tweets for badgers

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Have fun helping to save Britains badgers. x Oscar.

Most tweets here were born from inspired tweets from friends on twitter. You know who you are so thanks.

RT this please! An easy to use '#badgermonday tweet list. Helping badgers is as essential as ever
Social tweets - ideal to send to friends
1 More than 100 MPs have signed EDM299 to stop roll out of the culls. Make sure you have taken action #stopthecull
2 #Badgercull Some good news. Some farmers are pulling out after intimidation. Police are also fed up. Carry on the good work!
3 #ToriesOut #ToriesOut #ToriesOut #ToriesOut #ToriesOut #ToriesOut #ToriesOut #ToriesOut #ToriesOut #ToriesOut #stopthecull
4 Shooters using owl hoots to notify each other listen for them. Or follow the police to locations. Listen well and take care. #stopthecull
5 There are currently no supermarkets that properly oppose a badger cull. Buy your groceries from your local corner shop. #stopthecull
6 The RSPCA say they will keep working to protect badgers by protesting against a badger cull. Please join the protest:
7 Free printable ordinance survey maps. use them to find cull zone access points #stopthecull
8 blame @nick_clegg for badger cull. Tories have long wanted to kill animals for their friends He made their dream come true
9 If you must eat and drink dairy then make sure that it is not at the expense of badgers. Ask your supplier!
10 We have let down our children and future generations by allowing the Tories to freeshoot and murder badgers in the countryside. #stopthecull
11 The genie is out of the bottle. How on earth will the police put a stop to the gun-toting across England that will follow now #savethebadger
12 Want to join law abiding wounded badger patrols to protest against the cull? email: #badgerfriends #stopthecull
13 None of the supermarkets have a believable stance against the badger cull. Drink soya milk. Don't support badger killing
14 Would you please sign the 'e-petition'. asking the UK government to stop the badger cull.
15 UK Residents Pls sign, not much time left a few more sigs then official Gov response e-petitions
16 Top feeds for #badgerfriends to follow: @freebrocks @WeAreChangeGlos @GlosABS @BristolHuntSabs @DevonHuntSabs @Sabsthree @HuntSabs
17 Tweeting to save badgers. Please help too. I'll ask again tomorrow! Become one of the #badgerfriends
18 The Co-operative Stores like all the other supermarkets, dodged the badger cull issue. Dump your supermarket. Buy local
19 All of Britain should send out a clear message that an unscientific and barbaric badger cull is not acceptable behaviour. #stopthecull
20 Some farmers might not want a badger cull but they are not speaking up against it so we must condemn the whole industry. #stopthecull
21 Badger cull a farce, those killed will not be tested for disease. Gov lying to us so they can decimate populations of protected species
22 Don't just say 'poor badgers', get yourself into gear and do something to stop the slaughter that is going on - almost on your doorstep
23 If you are a rambler, walking in the countryside is now on a hazardous activity, your organisation needs to help stop the badger cull. #stopthecull
24 To have any effect on ending the badger cull you now need to stop drinking English milk and eating English cheese. try giving it up. #stopthecull
25 Contact your nearest badger group and ask how you can help monitor or even help scupper the badger cull in your area. Volunteers are always needed.
26 The government had no mandate from the electorate to undertake a badger cull. Ask them to stop it now:
27 If your MP is pro-badger cull then tweet his/her name regularly with this hashtag so other voters know not to vote for them: #ProCullMP
28 I have signed the 'e-petition' asking the government to stop slaughtering badgers. Will you sign too please?
29 I had a dream. Cameron sacked Paterson and all the badgers were saved!
30 If you live in a badger cull zone then rest assured the people protesting about the cull are gunuinely nice characters. Offer them a nice cup of tea please.
31 Owen Paterson is destroying our environment, he is an #industrylapdog masquasrading as Environment Minister, help get rid of him:
32 The Liberal Democrat, so-called 'leader' @Nick_Clegg is completly to blame for the current badger cull. They should never have access to power again. #stopthecull
33 Have you signed the e-petition? Ask the UK government to halt the badger cull!
34 Hey @David_Cameron, get your gunmen out of England's woods. You are turning the nation against itself just for your cruel hobby. I will never vote Conservative again
35 If you live in England, Wales or Scotland, find out who your MP is and tweet their name if they are pro-cull #ProCullMP
36 Together we can make Owen Paterson unemployable. Protest against/to him wherever he shows his face. #industrylapdog
37 Dear @DefraGovUK, most people are now opposed to your badger cull. Your dept. is out of touch with public consensus.
38 Farmers need to root out the 'bad apples' from their trade body and then dump the barmy badger cull idea.
39 The guy in the tree with the big gun was put there by the UK government. Are you happy with a badger cull?
40 The NFU and government are spewing propaganda and lies about badgers. Leave the badgers alone!
41 Tell the British Veterinary Association that you are unhappy with the badger cull which they condone. @BritishVets
42 Badger vaccination is a perfectly acceptable alternative to culling. Please help stop the cull now.
43 We happily vaccinate humans for TB and other diseases so why not vaccinate badgers?
44 The freeshooting of badgers in the countryside has no scientific value. Sign to stop it:
45 Any mammal can contract TB. Most badgers do not have TB so why pick on them?
46 The bTB test for cattle is seriously flawed. Fix it before culling badgers. More info at:
47 I oppose a badger cull because I think bTB is spread between farms by cattle movements and the TB testing operatives.
48 Any mammal could contract TB including domestic pets? But they very, very rarely do. Please oppose the badger cull!
49 The last thing needed right now would be a re-introduction of foxhunting. Are the hounds tested for TB?
50 Farmers need to hear an unequivocal message that if they kill badgers they they will lose their customers. Straightforward, No debate needed
51 Even the Soil association refuses to get involved in the very devisive issue of the badger cull. Clearly only a total boycott of farm produce might now save badgers.
52 The crunch is coming. Within weeks your heart will need to make a decision between continuing to eat farm animal produce or saving badgers!
53 Avoild milk from daries, find a green top milk provider near you from this list: ‪ …‬
54 If you would like to study the bTB subject in more depth there are some fantastic case studies and links here: ‪ …‬