Hello, my name is 'Oscar' the badger

Welcome to my website which I hope will inform and entertain you about the joys of Britain’s badgers and other wildlife. With the help of my new friends, Mr. Owl, and the Magician, I would love to take you on a journey into the life of a young badger cub- me! Please feel free to take a look around my website and do be sure to read my new book by clicking the link above. Perhaps, one day in the near future you will have the chance to meet me face to face, as I have been known to visit towns with my friend the Magician to meet and talk with all the friendly people.

Why am I here and not at home in my sett?

I was left alone in the family sett* one evening while my family went out foraging. Unfortunately, they did not return!  Well after a very long harrowing night of worry, I managed, with the assistance of a friendly owl to find my way to the home of the Magician.

Once I arrived there, the very kind and friendly man informed me, in the language of the forest (yes he could talk woodspeak!) that my family had all been killed by hunters who had misguidedly, blamed badgers for an illness that they thought cattle were suffering from. Now, thanks to the Magician, Sam Swift you can all read my story and perhaps help me prevent such a fate befalling other badgers in the future.

I was very lucky. I found a friend quite quickly but many other young badgers will not be so lucky. This is why I have decided to let Sam Swift tell my story. I hope my story will help to save badgers in the wild. "The history of Britain is very entwined with badgers,” says Sam, "and we should not allow them to be culled at the whim of a temporary narrow-minded government trying to appease disgruntled farmers".

How Oscar became an orpan

* the name given to the burrows where badgers live.

Who is the Magician? The Magician, Sam Swift

The Magician, Sam Swift, lives in a beautiful remote cottage in an enchanting woodland. It is a sanctuary where I and other orphaned animals now live, in safety, free from persecution.

Sam has recently finished writing and illustrating my new book. it is a book written specifically for children and it tells the reader about how I became orphaned following the loss of my family to an organised cull, not dissimilar to that proposed by the government. The book entitled 'How Oscar Became an Orphan,' takes a sympathetic and heartfelt look at the effect such action might have on the children of animals that may be shot during the cull.

"The aim of the book", says Sam " is to help inform, in an engaging way, young readers and their parents that animals, such as badgers, have feelings too. Badgers live in very organised social family groups and clearly if a cull was to be carried out it will be certain to leave many young badgers orphaned and vulnerable to starvation and dispersal.

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