BadgerMonday tweets for badgers. Helping badgers has never been easier

#badgermonday Tweet list for use on any Monday

The Monday Twitterstorms are between 11am and 1pm and 7pm - 9pm

These readymade tweets are all spell checked (hopefully) and of a suitable length.

They contain no derisory content. But make sure you are happy before you commit to click.

Have fun tweeting for badgers on badgermonday. x Oscar.

NOTE: For tweeting on any other day than Monday please use the tweets here or here

RT this please! An easy to use '#badgermonday tweet list. Helping badgers is as essential as ever
1 I love badgers they are wonderful creatures. I am tweeting on #badgermonday to help stop the cull.
2 Badgers are wonderful, shy creatures that have lived in Britain for many centuries. This summer we could lose them! #badgermonday
3 Badgers are being used as scapegoats. Cattle movement needs to be better restricted then TB incidences will fall. #badgermonday
4 Unsure about what to do about the badger cull? Read this book to your children on #badgermonday then ask them!
5 There are currently no supermarkets that properly oppose a badger cull. Buy your groceries from your local corner shop. #badgermonday
6 #badgermonday The RSPCA say they will keep working to protect badgers by protesting against a cull. Please sign:
7 Print this lovely poster of a badger on #badgermonday, display in your window and help stop the cull ‪‬
8 Badgers are just a scapegoat. a cull is a misguided knee jerk reaction. #badgermonday
9 If you must eat and drink dairy then make sure that it is not at the expense of badgers. Ask your supplier on #badgermonday!
10 #badgermonday Our children will not thank us if we stand by and allow the freeshooting of badgers in the countryside.
11 If you go walking in the woods you are likely to encounter many guns! Please say no to the badger cull. #badgermonday
12 Farmers are hellbent on killing badgers because they think their customers like milk too much to stop them! #badgermonday
13 #badgermonday None of the supermarkets have a believable stance against the badger cull. Drink soya milk. Don't support badger killing
14 Would you please sign the 'e-petition' on #badgermonday asking the UK government to stop the badger cull.
15 #badgermonday We might have a diverse wildlife in the UK. Let's keep it that way. Say no to a badger cull! #badgermonday
16 Just think how sad the British countryside will be without badgers. On #badgermonday please join the campaign to stop the badger cull.
17 Please join me in tweeting to save badgers on this very sad #badgermonday
18 #badgermonday Most supermarkets, dodge the badger cull issue. Dump your supermarket. Buy local
19 Wildlife lovers must send out a clear message each #badgermonday that a badger cull is not acceptable in modern Britain.
20 Use #badgermonday as an opportunity to Switch your political ‎allegiance to avoid supporting the badger cull!
21 I am sending out this tweet on #badgermonday to ask for your help to stop the badger cull. Will you help us please?
22 Don't just think about badgers, team up with many wonderful campaigners at the cull zones. #badgermonday
23 #badgermonday If you are a rambler, forget peaceful walks in the countryside, the badger cull has started.
24 If you must eat and drink dairy then make sure that it is not tainted with badger blood! Go soya. #badgermonday
25 #badgermonday Contact your nearest badger group and ask how you can help protect badgers with peaceful protest action
26 #badgermonday The government has no mandate from the electorate for a badger cull. Ask them to stop it now:
27 #badgermonday Some MPs want to stop the RSPCA prosecuting illegal hunters. Protest ‪
28 #badgermonday I have signed the new 'e-petition' asking the government to dump the badger cull. Will you sign too?
29 #badgermonday I had a dream. Cameron sacked Paterson and all the badgers were saved!
30 Why not request that your MP opposes the badger cull? If they refuse then ask he/she why they will not? Give them some work! #badgermonday
31 #badgermonday Send a clear message to the government that you are unhappy with the Environment Minister:
32 The Liberal Democrats changed their manifesto to 'pro badger cull' without telling the electorate. More #badgermonday deceit!
33 #badgermonday Have you signed the new e-petition? Ask the UK government to halt the badger cull plan now!
34 The Coalition government or the farmers. Who are the real drivers behind the barmy badger cull? #badgermonday
35 If you live in a badger cull zone, find out who your MP is and dance on his / her desk every day #badgermonday.
36 Let's remove Owen Paterson from office on #badgermonday. He is Minister responsible for badger cull.
37 Dear @DefraGovUK, most people are now opposed to your badger cull. Your dept. is out of touch with public mood #badgermonday.
38 Farmers need to root out the 'bad apples' from their trade body and then dump the barmy badger cull idea. #badgermonday
39 The scary looking guy shooting at random near you was put there by the UK government and their badger cull?
40 The NFU and government are spewing propaganda and lies about badgers. Leave the badgers alone! #badgermonday
41 Tell the British Veterinary Association on #badgermonday that you are unhappy with the badger cull which they condone. @BritishVets
42 Badger vaccination is a perfectly acceptable alternative to culling. Please use #badgermonday to help stop the cull now.
43 We happily vaccinate humans for TB and other diseases so why not vaccinate badgers? #badgermonday
44 The freeshooting of badgers in the countryside has no scientific value. #badgermonday, sign to stop it:
45 #badgermonday Any mammal can contract TB. Most badgers do not have TB so why pick on them?
46 #badgermonday The bTB test for cattle is seriously flawed. Fix it before culling badgers. More info at:
47 I oppose a badger cull because I think bTB is spread between farms by cattle movements and the TB testing operatives. #badgermonday
48 Any mammal could contract TB including domestic pets? But they very, very rarely do. Please oppose the badger cull on #badgermonday!
49 The last thing needed right now would be a re-introduction of foxhunting. Are the hounds tested for TB? #badgermonday
50 Farmers need to hear an unequivocal message that if they kill badgers then they will lose their customers. No debate needed #badgermonday!
51 Even the Soil association refuses to get involved in the the badger cull issue. Only a boycott of dairy might save badgers. #badgermonday!
52 Our worst fears have become reality, we all need to make a decision now between buying dairy or saving badgers! #badgermonday!
53 #badgermonday! Avoid milk from dairies, find a green top milk provider near you from this list or use soya: … #badgermonday!
54 If you would like to study the bTB subject in more depth there are some fantastic case studies: … #badgermonday!
55 There is nowhere in England where it is safe to walk in the countryside. Our Government stands for wildlife slaughter! ‪#badgermonday‬